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The focus of the TP Solid temperature calibrators is on flexibility. The operation is simple, intuitive, and provides quick access to comprehensive functions. In addition to dry block calibrators, micro calibration baths, which are used as liquid bath calibrators with a speed-controlled magnetic stirrer, round off the program. Switchable functions in combination with an external reference sensor enable the checking of different temperature monitoring devices without regard to geometry or measuring method. Switching between internal and external reference is easy using a switch. All instruments in this series are equipped with a serial PC interface.

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    TP Overview

    TP Overview


    TPM-165S-Solid D


    TPM-255S-Solid K

    TP 17-166S

    TP 17-166S-Solid E

    TP 17-450S

    TP 17-450S-Solid M

    TP 17-650S

    TP 17-650S-Solid O


    Sleeves-TP Solid B

    TP 17-165S

    TP 17-165S-Solid G

    TP 17-200S

    TP 17-200S-Solid C


    TP 17-ZERO-Solid Q

    TP 28-1300E

    TP 28-1300E...Thumb

    TT Scan

    TT scan NEW-Premium L