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The TP Premium series stands for optimal performance and superior operating comfort. With the help of the self-explanatory menu structure, all necessary entries can be made very quickly and easily. The block and target temperatures, as well as the difference and variance of stability, are shown on the touch display. The block temperature can be adjusted to an accuracy of 0.001°C. The entire thermosensitive range of temperature sensors is covered. The calibrators work in a temperature range of up to 700°C – with excellent stability and accuracy. The combination of the dry block design with an input for an external reference sensor results in SIKA calibrators having the same accuracy as laboratory calibrators while maintaining the speed and portability of a dry block. The temperature sensor to be tested can be connected and evaluated directly; additional instruments are not required. Together with a PC as an independent calibration system, this results in an extremely time-saving test run.


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    TP 37-165E.2/i - Premium H


    TP 37-200E2/i - Premium G


    TP 3M-165E2/i - Premium J

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    TT scan_NEW - Premium L
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    External Reference Sensor


    TP 37-700E2/i


    TP 3M-255E...Thumb


    TP 37-166E2/i - Premium I

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    TP Premium Sleeves-Premium B