TP Basic Temperature Calibrators

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The TP Basic temperature calibrators were developed for direct on-site use and are designed as dry block calibrators. Efficiency and portability are the focus of these instruments. The optimal thermal coupling from block to test object is achieved through the correct transition sleeve. Ideally, the hole in the sleeve has an inner diameter that is 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the test specimen. With the help of the transition sleeve, almost all straight temperature sensors with different lengths and diameters can be calibrated. Some of the dry block calibrators are designed with a large block bore of 60 mm and enable the simultaneous recording of many test specimens.

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    TP Overview

    TP Basic Temperature Calibrators; TP Overview

    TP 17-165M

    TP Basic Temperature Calibrators; TP 17-165M - Basic C

    TP 17-165

    TP Basic Temperature Calibrators; TP 17-165 - Basic D

    TP 17-200

    TP 17-200 - Basic B

    TP 17-650

    TP 17-650S - Solid O

    TP 18-200E

    TP 18-200E - Basic F

    TP 17-650M

    TP17-650M - Basic H

    TP 17-166

    TP 17-166 - Basic E

    TP 17-450

    TP 17-450 - Basic G

    TP 18-850E

    TP 18-850E - Basic J