Pressure Gauges

Mechanical Measuring Instruments

SIKA Pressure Gauges are quality measuring devices for use in a variety of industrial and marine applications. They are generally equipped with a stainless steel housing and meet EN 837-1 to EN 837-3 standards. SIKA offers devices in various versions. The functional principle for all versions: The measuring element (a Bourdon tube) deforms elastically under the influence of pressure. This movement is transferred to a pointer movement.

Pressure Gauges

Standard Gauges

Pressure gauges with glycerin filling are ideal for use in systems with strongly fluctuating or pulsating operating pressures (e.g. in large diesel engines or close behind pumps). The glycerin filling serves as cushioning in the measuring system and increases the lifespan of the pressure gauge. Glycerin filled pressure gauges are supplied with a tight plug on the top of the housing. This plug prevents the filling from leaking out during transport. In order for the gauge to display the correct pressures after installation, the plug must be opened. To do this, the built-in gauge must be aligned upwards.

Pressure B

Bourdon Tube

Bourdon tube pressure gauges are the most common design and are used to measure medium and high-pressure liquid and gaseous media. These gauges cover measuring ranges from -1 bar (-14.5 psi) to 1,600 bar (23,200 psi). The measuring element consists of a circular, spiral, or helical tube spring, also called a Bourdon spring. If the interior of the spring is exposed to excess pressure, it stretches outwards. When there is negative pressure, it pulls inwards. This movement is the measurement of the pressure and is transferred to the pointer display.

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