Pressure Calibrators

Electronic/Calibration Instruments



Pressure is one of the most frequently recorded variables in technology, which is why there is particularly great interest in precise and reliable pressure measurement. But even the best sensor or measurement sensor changes its characteristic properties due to a wide variety of influences. This drift cannot be prevented and incorrect display values ​​occur. These deviations can be identified by checking and documented with a certificate. All pressure measuring devices that have a significant influence should be calibrated before being put into operation. SIKA’s mobile testing and calibration devices are effective helpers for quickly completing the required testing tasks.

PMgauges - C


Digital pressure gauges from the TANTUM series are particularly suitable for both stationary and mobile measurement and display of pressures. Use as a pressure reference allows other pressure measuring devices to be easily checked, adjusted, and calibrated directly on site.

Digital Pressure gauges Ex-Type


Our ex-type digital pressure gauges are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are suitable for aggressive media. They have a robust and compact design with edge protection. The L-Ex is like the D-Ex but has an additional PC interface for direct data transfer for higher accuracy.